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Sport's Day in P6


Viking Day in P6



Fruit Salad Time in P6

P6 pupils made fruit salad in class today! We talked about the elements of a good recipe as a link into our Literacy instructional writing. We washed our hands and workstations, organised our ingredients and utensils and prepared our fruit salad before eating and enjoying! Each step of the process was recorded digitally and will be put together to form a set of e-instructions for making fruit salad. Brilliant teamwork and organisation were displayed by all pupils and resulted in delicious and very presentable fruit salad. Who knows?!..we may have a young Jamie Oliver or Jenny Bristow in our midst! Thanks for sending in the fruit. Have a great weekend!

Delightful Digestion


P6 have been learning about the digestive system in WAU. We’ve learnt lots of new and interesting facts about what happens when we eat our food. To use all the knowledge that we’ve learnt this month about our topic we decided to do some digestion experiments. We traced the journey of our food through our own self made digestive systems, from the crunching of the food by the teeth, into the acidic stomach and finally through the intestines. A Fab Friday was had in P6!


European Languages Day

P6 celebrated European Language Day on Thursday with help from Carrickfergus Grammar pupils. P6 got to learn some Spanish animals and French foods, through lots of fun and interesting games. The pupils from Carrickfergus Grammar were super teachers, we all learnt some new vocabulary and really enjoyed our morning. Merci and gracias to Mrs Wylie and her pupils.

Roald Dahl Day

P6 marked Roald Dahl Day today by making some fizzy potion, inspired by Roald Dahl's 'The BFG'. We listened to the chapter 'Frobscottle and Whizzpoppers' from the novel before taking part in the fun STEM activity to investigate which of the four powders would produce the most 'fizz' when mixed with a range of liquids including vinegar, milk, water and lemonade. We ensured a fair test was carried out and worked really well in our groups. When the alkali (sodium bicarbonate) mixed with the acid (vinegar) a chemical reaction took place and produced bubbles of carbon dioxide. We watched on in amazement as the mixture bubbled over the top of the cup! A wonderful 'Fab Friday' in P6! Have a great weekend!

Lorne Residential Trip

Day two in Lorne finished with songs and s'mores by the campfire before free time together outside, supper and bed. There wasn't a sound in the corridors after we got into our rooms and there certainly wasn't much noise this morning at 8 o'clock when a lot of sleepy heads arrived down for breakfast to get fuelled up for one final morning of fun! This morning's activities were archery, high ropes, crates and abseiling. We got a tasty lunch of soup and paninis before finishing packing, clearing rooms and heading for the bus. We had the most wonderful time in Lorne for our P6 residential and as you can see from the photographs, have made many amazing memories to cherish! What an incredible opportunity to spend time together, relax and have fun after such a busy year! We trust that all our pupils had a ball and we've absolutely no don't that they'll all sleep well tonight! Thank you for trusting us with your youngsters. They are a credit to you and to us! It was such a pleasure to be away with them!

Lorne Residential Trip

Day two in Lorne has been absolutely fantastic! Activities today included wall climbing, zip-lining, bush craft and team building! The weather has thankfully been really good and it's looking promising again for tomorrow! Lunch and dinner were both beautiful meals with lots to eat and drink! The kids have had some free time outside and are now ready to sing a few songs around the campfire! Everyone is taking part and giving all activities their best effort! We've also been complimented on our wonderful manners and helpfulness and support towards one another! Another run around and some supper should get everyone tired out and ready for a good night's sleep! We're excited for day three!!

Lorne Residential Trip

We finished last night with a lovely walk on Seapark beach where we built sandcastles, played games and some even braved the water! We then headed back in the direction of Lorne where we played outside for an hour before getting supper, showering and heading to bed! Everyone had a great night's sleep and we're all up, have had a lovely breakfast and are ready for day two!!

Lorne Residential Trip

We've had a great first day in Lorne! After arrival we got into our rooms and made the beds to various degrees of success!! We then got to explore the impressive estate whilst orienteering in our groups. After that everyone was well ready for a beautiful lunch of chicken goujons, wedges and peas! After lunchtime we split into our groups for high ropes, crates, abseiling and archery. We've just enjoyed a delicious dinner of chicken curry, chilli and brownie and ice cream and are now ready to go walk the beach! Everyone is well settled and very busy so far! Looking forward to tonight and another fun-filled day tomorrow!!

Bigger Picture Programme

P6 have now completed their Burns Skills School ‘Bigger Picture’ programme. We had lots of fun taking part in activities inside and outside to help us learn about sportsmanship, peer pressure, respect and leadership. It has been a great programme and has been very interesting for pupils and teachers alike! We are very grateful to Alex from Burns for coming along and working with us in such a fun way.

Numeracy Outdoors

P6 have been taking their numeracy outdoors to investigate the school grounds. They have been completing a measures investigation which meant they had to calculate and measure lots of areas and things around school! They had a great time out in the sun, enjoyed all the numeracy and even had time to floss in the field!

Mythological Creations in P6

After watching some cartoons about Viking sagas, P6 pupils designed Viking gods and goddesses using pastels on black card. They also came up with a name and superpowers for their mythological creations! In reaching our final designs, we needed to get our hands (and in some cases, faces) very dirty! A great day! Have a lovely weekend!

Burns Skills School

P6 enjoyed the first session today with Burns Skills School looking at ‘The Bigger Picture’. We looked at similarities and differences today and realised many of us have lots of things in common that we never realised. We also discussed differences and how having different interests can make friendships better. We are excited for next weeks sessions!

Vicious Viking Day in P6

P6 have been learning all about Raiders and Traders and immersed ourselves in lots of Viking activities today to get a taste of life in Viking times. We weaved, made Viking ruins door hangers and brooches, played Viking games, completed quizzes and travelled in time to Viking times using the green screen. To top of an exciting day we also got to feast on Viking food. We enjoyed tasting the food they would have eaten, everyone had a go at tasting all the food, even the mackerels, smoked cheese and cured meat! There were some strange looking faces pulled amongst P6!

PE in the Sun!

We had a great time yesterday during our P.E time. P6 have been focussing on team games and  developing our UniHoc skills but since the sun came out for us we decided to end our hockey unit with matches outside. Such a lovely afternoon and fab that we were able to take the learning outside!

Lifeguards Fitness Programme


Friday was indeed fab for P6 as we began our Lifeguard programme. This programme is all about fitness and getting healthy. We learnt all about how to keep healthy and the importance of water, healthy food and exercise. Today we took our fitness tests and over the next 5 weeks our aim will be to beat our results and for everyone to improve their fitness. We all had a great time and certainly left feeling like we had all done a hard workout! There was definitely a lot of water consumed afterwards!

P6 Vikings Investigation

P6 began to investigate the process of germination today as part of their new WAU topic on the Vikings. The aim of today's investigation is to determine optimum soil conditions for the growth of cress seeds. The cress has been carefully planted and a table produced for recording observations! Now the waiting game begins...

Aviation Project

P6 completed a project for homework all about flight. They were given the task of researching a person or business which has had an impact on aviation. They didn’t disappoint in coming up with interesting ways to present the information. They talked about Amelia Earhart, the Wright Brothers, Lillian Bland, Shorts and other important figures in the history of aviation. They presented this with cupcakes, models, posters, PowerPoint, books, movies and interviews of staff from Shorts. There was even quizzes for the class from some groups and an Easter egg to be won! I was super impressed with my bunch of fantastic presenters, the effort they put in and the great information they found.

P6 Visit Ulster Aviation Society

P6 were of to a flying start with their aviation topic when they headed to the Ulster Aviation Society. Walking into the hangar the pupils were mesmerised by the number, and size, of the aircraft on show, with many gasps and wows! We were shown around by very helpful and knowledgeable volunteers, who told us lots of interesting and fun facts. It was a super trip which gave pupils lots of hands on experiences. They boarded army helicopters, got strapped in and got to sit in the pilot seats of both fighter and commercial planes. A big well done to all our pupils, as the volunteers let me know how impressed they had been by the knowledge and behaviour of all the groups!  This was Carrickfergus Models first time at the Society and it certainly won’t be the last, as it was such a wealth of experience, knowledge and enjoyment for pupils (and teachers!).

P6 Hot Air Balloons

P6 launched hot air balloons in class today to investigate how weight impacts thrust, as part of our World Around Us topic on flight. We also trialled completing our daily tests using iPads. Another fantastic week complete!

P6 Aviators

P.6. designed and manufactured planes for their own airlines.  They had to work as a team to design the aircraft they would make, then they split into a marketing team and a manufacturing team, to work within the time restrictions to produce an aircraft.  Each airline then had to deliver a presentation and poster to sell their product to the panel.  Jake, from P7, was our honorary ‘Lord Sugar’ for the Apprentice style presentations as he had previously presented his airplane to the class.  He was our ‘expert’ and we enjoyed looking at his creation which has a motor and propellers!  The ‘Shaka Laka Airline’ was crowned our winners as not only did their aircraft impress the judges but Jake commended them for their presentation skills.  Well done to all our budding engineers!

P6 Fab Fridays

Another fab Friday in P6! We started the day with some paired problem solving using the skills of logic and reasoning, before moving on to planning and recording news broadcasts about Amelia Earhart and the Wright brothers, in line with our flight topic.

Charity Visit

On Friday we had a visit from the charity WE. We learnt about lots of different issues in the world, debated on why we thought some are worse than others, had a conscience alley to pick sides in the debate and then thought about how we can change the world. P6 came up with lots of wonderful ways to fundraise in order to improve the world we live in. They were very motivated to go out and make a change!

‘Aviation Specialists’

P6 started have moved on in their flight topic and are looking at different types of air transport. They became the ‘Aviation Specialists’ and told the rest of the class all about their chosen form of air transport. They were great at speaking in front of the whole class and learnt lots of new facts.

Primary Six Feed the Birds 

P6 pupils made bird cake today as part of their Fab Friday activities! We planned, created and evaluated our bird feeders and placed them around the school site with the aim of attracting more birds to school ahead of our bird watch in the coming weeks. We used bird seed, rice, porridge oats, sultanas and lots of lard to create some very tasty bird cake! A lot of mess meant a lot of fun!!

P6 Make Yummy Pancakes

On Monday afternoon both P6 classes joined together to make pancakes. Despite blowing the trip and nearly setting off the fire alarm, the pancakes (topped with butter, lemon juice, chocolate spread and sugar!) were absolutely delicious!

 P6 Birds of Prey Workshop

Friday was most definitely fab in P6! We had an amazing morning with John from NI Falconry who brought some special visitors into school. We got to see a range of birds of prey including owls, buzzards, kestrels and falcons. John gave us lots of information about the birds which has made us very excited about starting our new flight topic. It was a great experience, everyone including the teachers, learnt lots of new facts. P6 were very excited to watch an owl in flight when Mrs Hutton got a chance to help out. Even the owl didn’t want to leave the Model, he decided to perch on a noticeboard and stay with us a while!


As part of our topic on sound, both Primary 6 classes made electrical circuits to light a lightbulb, sound a buzzer and operate a motor using a switch. We also tested materials and objects to see if they were conductors or insulators. We then had a lot of fun learning about Morse code and making some secret messages to communicate using our circuits and buzzers!

Translink Safety Bus

P6 spent some time today on the Translink Safety Bus. Pupils watched a video about keeping safe whilst waiting at a bus stop and were also given a presentation about safe travel on public transport. An important message delivered in appropriate surroundings!

P6 Sound Investigations 

P6 was noisy today again as we finished practical activities and investigations for our topic on sound! We had a lot of fun with tuning forks, chime bars, homemade telephones and a model of the human ear alongside completing some independent research!


During our sound topic we have been looking at the pitch and tone of a range of instruments, with some of our classmates even giving us a music lesson! We then planned our own instruments and then made them using junk. Today we had gave our first performance. I’m sure you will agree our instruments are fab and we sound fantastic! 

Young Enterprise Visit the Model

On Monday P6 took part in a session with Young Enterprise called ‘Our World’. We learnt lots of new business vocabulary such as importing, exporting, profit margins and economy. We looked at what makes a business and had a talk from an entrepreneur who had us thinking about our sub conscious and what we can do when we put our minds to it! There was lots of excitement when each group were allocated a country and had to work in their groups, set up a production line and make as much money as possible! We learnt lots and had great fun doing it!

P6 Build Bridges

P6 used Lego/DUPLO, string and masking tape to make suspension bridges today as part of our Shared Education programme with St. Nicholas' Primary School. Terrific teamwork resulted in brilliant bridges! Well done everyone!

Sound Investigation 

P6 was noisy today but expected and justified as we were doing practical activities and investigations for our topic on sound! We had a lot of fun with tuning forks, chime bars, homemade telephones and a model of the human ear to name but a few pieces of apparatus! After break we worked in pairs on a Numeracy challenge to investigate patterns between the sum of consecutive numbers! A real brain workout during which lots of magnificent mental maths was observed! A FAB Friday in P6!

Primary 6 Sound Topic

When P6 got back to the Model they made tissue box guitars, as part of their sound topic, to investigate pitch and loudness of stringed instruments! A fun day all round!

Action Cancer Workshop

This week P6 attended workshops run by Action Cancer. Pupils had opportunities to look at the effects that smoking and alcohol can have on their bodies. It was a great session and the facilitator was very impressed with the participation, questioning and prior knowledge the pupils had. P6 are now on route to making good choices for a healthy life! 

Primary 6 Shared Education

Primary 6 enjoyed a Shared Education trip today to Sunnylands Primary School. A great time was had by all of the pupils who enjoyed making arch bridges with stones and cement and as well as a challenge to build the tallest tower using cocktail sticks and marshmallows! All part of our shared STEM topic of bridges!

P6 Young Enterprise Business Masterclass

Mrs Hutton’s P6 attended the Young Enterprise Business Masterclass event, in association with Mid East Antrim Council, at the Town Hall today. They learnt all about supply chains, how business works, the importance of advertising and designed their own packaging for juice. They even got to meet the Mayor. Great fun was had by all and pupils from the Model were complemented on their entrepreneurial skills when they explained their ideas for setting up their own juice company! Watch out Lord Sugar!

Special Number Experts in P6!

P6 have been learning all about special numbers such as square, cubed and prime.  They worked in groups to build cube numbers, played games to become square number/square root experts and even tested their classmates by making square number fortune teller games!  They have learnt so much new mathematical vocabulary and really are Special Number Experts!

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