Carrickfergus Model Primary School

Inspiring excellence through example, endeavour and encouragement

Welcome to Primary One!

Fit and Fun

Have a look at Primary One enjoying staying fit today thanks to Burn's Soccer School!

Bug Club Stars

Here are the Bug Club Stars in Primary One!

Fun Games in P1

Primary one pupils enjoyed playing a variety of table tops games today. These games challenge pupils and encourage healthy competition.  Keep up the great work, P1!

Easter Buns 

Miss Manson’s class made Easter buns on Thursday! The buns look very yummy indeed!

Fruit Patterns

Primary one, Mrs Morton, had fun making patterns with fruit and then eating it!

Fruit Patterns

Today at the snack table, Primary 1 pupils made their own patterns using different fruit.

P7 Buddies

On Friday the P7s in Mr Trussell’s class helped their P1 Buddies to make Mother’s Day Cards

P1 Kite Flying

Last week Primary One took their kites outside for a wee run around.

Fab Friday

Have a look at all the fun things Primary One got up to, today, on Fab Friday!

Inner Courtyard Playtime

Inner Courtyard is ready with our new topic for this term-pattern and the jungle! And some P1s have been learning and having fun there!

Primary One Football 

Here's some photos from our football lesson with the coach Daniel.

Primary One Numeracy 

We have been learning about the number 9. We have been using Numicon to investigate how to 'Make 9'.

Alphabet Work

Primary One, Mrs Morton's class, are enjoying experiencing a variety of ways to learn the alphabet. 

Primary One Movement

Primary one have been learning about movement. Have a look at them in action during Play Based Learning.

P1 at Play 

We played the "how many are hiding" game.  Here Miss Manson started with 8 puppies and hid some, leaving 3.  We worked out that 5 were hiding!


P1 Literacy 

Doing alphabet work-matching capital letters to lower case letters. 

Eco Visitors

P1 had some Key Stage 2 children visit them in class this week to educate them about waste. 


A Musical Visitor 

Last week we had a reading book about a trumpet.Mr Clinton came to show us how to play the trumpet. 


Primary One pupils have enjoying investigating number with Numicon.

Visit to Legg Park


Primary One pupils had a great time recently on their visit to Legg Park.

Fab Friday in Primary One

Have a look at all the fabulous things P1 have been getting up to on Fab Fridays!

Primary One 

Miss Manson's Primary One class have been having a great time learning lots of things through Play Based Learning. Have a look at them interacting with their peers in the pictures below.



Primary One love visiting the library every week as you can see from the lovely pictures below.

You will also notice that P1 are enjoying learning mathematics. This week they have been making sets using lots of different sorting materials.


Have a look at our lovely new P1 children. They have been taking part in lots of fun, interesting play based-activities.

These pupils in Mrs Morton's class have been creating water pictures, making beautiful colourful paintings, enjoying some cooking related role-play, completing number puzzles and acting out some dramatic puppet shows amongst many other things. They are settling in very well to life at the Model. Keep up the great work P1!


Have a look at Primary One enjoying the outdoor play area with its lovely new protective roof. It is great that our pupils can learn and explore in this environment whatever the weather is like. What brilliant P1 learners we have here at the Model.

Also, take a look at them enjoying feet painting activities for Art and exploring some maths concepts through looking at height.