Carrickfergus Model Primary School

Our 2025 Vision

‘Carrickfergus Model Primary School will work with everyone to create a happysafe and stimulating setting where children are motivated to learn together and independentlyBy maintaining high expectations of ourselves and each other, our children will be equipped to encounter opportunities and challenges with resilience and determination. We encourage a curiosity about the world and strive to ensure that our children will contribute positively, now and in the future.’

At Carrickfergus Model Primary School, by 2025:

  • Each child will be engaging in learning, across all areas of the curriculum, which is appropriately challenging and which engages his / her interests.


  • The development of the whole child, ensuring the academic, physical, social, emotional and spiritual, will be at the centre of our work, especially through Outdoor Learning.


  • An increased family ethos, where children are nurtured and feel valued.


  • All members of staff will feel valued and will be leading and directing school development confidently rather than by response to external pressures.


  • Across all areas of learning, a clearly articulated, common and consistent understanding of effective pedagogy will have been agreed.


  • The effective use of technology will be an integral part of the learning process.


  • Kindness, empathy and resilience are specifically taught, regularly displayed by staff and children and widely valued as the most important characteristics of human qualities.


  • New members of staff will be supported and integrated into the team, adopting the vision of 2025.


  • Teachers, with an agreed trusted network, will be supporting each other by: Identifying their own strengths / Sharing good practice / Identifying their own development needs and continuing to learn from the strengths of colleagues within and beyond Carrickfergus Model.


  • All members of school staff are committed to whole school improvement through proactive thinking, where challenges are transformed into opportunities and big picture thinking is the norm.

4 Belfast Road, Carrickfergus Co. Antrim N. Ireland, BT38 8BU

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