Carrickfergus Model Primary School

Welcome to Primary Five!

Fun at W5

Primary 5 had a great time exploring the many different activities available at W5. Have a look at them having fun in the pictures below.

Fun Literacy Time

Primary five were deciding when to use full stops, exclamation marks or question marks in grammar today. We used actions to make it more fun!

Mighty Me

As part of our Mighty Me topic Primary 5 have been investigating what can damage the enamel on our teeth. We placed eggs into 5 different liquids and left them soaking for 4 days. By the end of the experiment our classroom was very smelly but we were interested to see the effect sugar and acid had on the eggshells.

Active Maths

Today in Active Maths P5 were playing games that involved making  tally charts about the number of times a vowel appeared in 2 sentences or the number of times a number was rolled with the dice. It was an enjoyable way to revise tally marks.

‘Moving and Growing’

As part of our WAU topic ‘Moving and Growing’, Primary 5 worked in small groups and accepted their challenge for the day!  Firstly they chose someone to draw around. Next we  had to remember all the parts of the skeleton and represent it on our life sized posters. We now have some interesting skeletons lurking in our classroom!!!

Memory Boxes

P5 decorated shoe-boxes to make memory boxes. Here they are explaining to the class what they decided to put not their memory box and the reasons why. Items included special letters, first teddy bear, first medal of sports day etc.

Afternoon Class with Miss Manson

Today P5 enjoyed developing their art skills in an afternoon class with Miss Manson. They drew ice cream sundae surprises!

Memory Boxes

All of Primary Five met in the hall to wrap their Memory Boxes!!

PE in Primary 5

Primary 5 enjoyed making some shapes in dance today! Have a look at them enjoying this maths-related activity in the pictures below.

Time to Treat Ourselves!

Primary 5 pupils enjoy their end of year treat to the Pirate Park and Mauds!

Minibeast Hotels

Primary five had had great fun designing and making our Minibeast Hotels!!!

Trip to Greenmount

Primary 5 had a fabulous day at Greenmount!! We pond dipped, hunted for mini beasts and got lost in the maze!!

Japanese Obon

Primary 5 enjoyed celebrating Obon with a Japanese workshop run by some of our pupils and their mums!! Thank you Mrs Marshall, James, Shiori, Sosuke and Mrs Hagihari.


Visit the link below to learn more about Japanese Obon events in NI.

Accelerated Reading

Primary 5 joined with Primary 7 on Monday for Accelerated Reading!!

Egyptian Death Masks

Primary 5 had an amazing time designing and making Egyptian death masks. The pupils were very creative and no two masks were the same. Great job, everyone!

Egyptian Reed Boats 

P5 enjoyed making Egyptian Reed boats during Shared Ed with one of our partner schools.

On the Edge
“As part of our previous topic ‘On the Edge,’ we created paper mache volcanoes! We carried out a scientific experiment using a range of liquids and made our volcanoes erupt! It was great fun!”
P5 Create Volcanoes
Here are some photos of P5 creating a volcano. Primary Five have been having a very creative day using Papier mâché to construct their volcanoes ! 

Hurricane Houses

A part of our ‘On the edge’ topic, Primary 5 pupils were challenged to use limited materials to build a house that would withstand a hurricane. Houses will be tested on Monday with the ever so faithful school leaf blower!

Solving Logical Problems!

A few primary 7 boys came to Primary 5 and worked with groups to solve some logical problems. The boys were a great help, showing maturity and a sense of responsibility!!

Primary 5

As part of our ‘On the Edge’ topic, we created wind detectors to find out where the windiest place in school was. We worked in groups and recorded our results in a table.

Primary 5 are ‘On the Edge’

Primary 5 are looking at the topic ‘On the edge’. We have been finding out about wind and we had a go at making kites.  Everyone had great fun flying them in the playground!

P5 Wind Detecting

Have a look at the marvellous wind detection equipment Primary 5 have been making this week. What a creative bunch they are!

P5 Christmas Art

Primary Five being very creative making their rice Snowmen!! It was a tight squeeze and epic tidy up but everyone had fun. 

ICT in Primary Five 

Primary 5 have been working hard in the computer suite composing Skeleton acrostic poems!

Memory Boxes

Primary 5 have really enjoyed being creative when making memory boxes this week as you can see from the pictures below.

P5 Memory Boxes

P5 decorated shoe boxes to make memory boxes. Here they are explaining to the class what they decided to put in their memory box and the reasons why.  Items included special letters, first teddy bear, first medal at sports day etc. 


Primary 5 have been learning to measure using rulers, metre sticks and tape measures.


Primary 5 have been enjoying the ‘Healthy Kicks’ programme brought to school by Burns Skills School coach Mark. Today we tested ourselves in Power, Balance, Agility, Co -ordination and Flexibility. After six weeks of fitness training we will do the tests again to see if there is any improvement!!

Primary 5 Learn Spanish and French

Four students from Carrickfergus Grammar, who are studying French and Spanish, visited P5 on Wednesday morning to teach them the colours in Spanish and the body parts in French.

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