Carrickfergus Model Primary School

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Welcome to Primary Three!

Easter Egg Hunt!

Primary 3 loved their Easter Egg Hunt. They had to find an egg card with their name and then claim their egg for their Bunny basket! Yum yum!

P3 Symmetry

Primary 3, Mrs Johnston's class, have been exploring  Symmetry. They had great fun making symmetrical pictures and patterns using IPads, multilink, pegs and paint.

P3 Symmetry 

Primary 3, Miss Rea's class, have been looking at the topic of symmetry in numeracy. We have been looking at lines of symmetry in 2D shapes, completed symmetry challenges on the I-pads and we made our own symmetrical patterns using multi-link cubes, peg boards and pattern blocks. 

Sea Creature Research

Primary 3 have been researching information about sea creatures.The children got into groups, picked a sea creature and then read books and looked up the internet to find lots of information.They put all their information on a board and presented it to the rest of the class. Primary 3 now know lots of interesting facts  about dolphins, turtles, swordfish, blue sharks and sea horses.

Rainbow Fish Writing

Primary 3 listened to the story about the Rainbow Fish. They retold the story to their partners. They planned the main parts of the story on a planning sheet and used it to guide them write the story. The children then read their stories to each other. There were lots of brilliant pieces of writing!

Eco Council Tour

Primary 3 had a fantastic afternoon learning about all of the hard work Mrs Johnston and the eco committee have been doing for our school's green flag award. Lois, Emily and Sophia were amazing at explaining each area and how we are an eco friendly school.

Underwater Scenes in P3

Primary 3 have been enjoying creating their underwater scenes using shoeboxes, sand and tissue paper. Miss Rea now has an aquarium in her room!

Activity Based Learning  in P3

Activity Based Learning  in P3 focused on the story of  the ‘Rainbow Fish’. We made Lego and play dough characters from the story. We sponge painted the Rainbow fish. We designed the Rainbow fish on our IPads. We used the water tray to retell the story and we created a cartoon strip of the story. We love the Rainbow Fish!

P3 STEM Lesson

Primary 3 had a great STEM lesson with David from Sentinus this morning. We designed a rocket and were able to launch it in the playground. We were amazed at how far they traveled. What a fantastic lesson. Thank you David. 

P3 Locomotor Skills

Primary 3 enjoyed their second P.E. lesson with Daniel. They were learning all about locomotor skills by completing various stations around the assembly hall. We were all very warm and tired after our session. We definitely could have taken a nap, we were in our pyjamas after all. 

P3 Eco Warriors

Primary 3 sorted rubbish into 3 piles  - mixed dry recyclables, compostable food, non- recyclables. The food bags were weighed and then the activity was completed again after waste week to see if P3 had reduced their waste. Well done P3 for reducing your classroom waste!

Sea Creatures

Primary 3 have been using their research skills to find out information about sea creatures. They then used this information and worked together in a group to create a fact board about their sea creature.  They have also used their information to create a mind map on the Ipads during ICT. Brilliant work primary 3.

Football Skills in P3 

Primary 3 loved learning new skills with Daniel the IFA School Development.

Water Investigations

Primary 3 had a fantastic morning taking part in lots of water investigations during shared education with Sunnylands Primary School. We made boats and tested them to make sure they floated. We tested materials to see which were waterproof. We tested items to see if they floated or sank and we made LEGO boats to see how many fish we could fit into them. What a fantastic shared education session. 


Primary 3 had great fun completing experiments to  help some fishermen solve their  problems. Which material is  best  to build a boat? Which fishing boat is best to buy? Which material is most suitable to make a waterproof coat?

Programming in P3

Primary 3 have been learning how to program a Bee-Bot to follow a route. The pictures below show what a good job they have been doing at mastering this skill.

ICT Portraits

Primary 3 enjoyed using their ICT skills to create a portrait of themselves. What a great job did they did!! They show a fantastic likeness to their owners!

Primary 3 Maths

Primary 3 had fun revising the greater than,  less than and equal signs.

Primary 3 Activity Based Learning

Primary 3 have started their new WAU topic, 'Water'. We enjoyed lots of water ABL activities. We used LEGO to build swimming pools and boats. We designed posters about why water is important. We created sea creatures out of Play-Doh dough and played water games on the iPads.

Primary 3 Marble Run

Primary 3 had great fun designing, making and modifying marble runs. They also  enjoyed trying out all their friends different designs and telling each other what they liked about the marble run.

Primary 3 Terrific Toys

Mrs Johnston’s Primary 3’s new topic this term is ‘Terrific Toys.’ This  week during Golden Time pupils were allowed to play with their favourite toys. They had a fantastic time.

Primary 3 Terrific Toys

Miss Rea’s Primary 3 class started their new WAU topic by bringing in their favourite toys. They had a circle time and talked about why their toys were so special and where they got them from. Pupils then played with their toys for Golden Time this week.


Primary 3 had great fun designing magical shoes. Some shoes enabled us to fly, others allowed us to do massive jumps and some even  allowed us to walk up the sides of buildings!

Hedgehogs in Primary 3

Primary 3 made clay hedgehogs as part of their World Around Us topic work. They look like they are having a great time!

Primary 3 Christmas Art

Primary 3 enjoyed making Santa cards yesterday. Have a look at them following all the steps carefully to complete their cards. I wonder who the lucky recipients will be?

Primary 3 Christmas Party

It looks like P3 had great time at their Christmas party today. They enjoyed playing games, showing off their talents while playing 'Pass the Parcel' and dancing to some favourite songs. They have definitely got the X Factor!

Active Maths

P3 really enjoyed completing fab maths activities on Fab Friday.


Primary 3 had great fun during ABL. They have been learning about China. They enjoyed using chopsticks, moving pretend food from one plate to another. They made Chinese dragons, They loved listening to the tale about the Chinese New Year and made the animals in the story using play dough. They even tried building the Great Wall of China with Lego!

Primary 3 Celebrations

As part of our Celebrations topic, Primary 3 have been looking at Chinese New Year. We have been writing facts about Chinese New Year and made Chinese dragons.


P3 have been busy making scarecrows to decorate the assembly hall for our harvest assembly on Friday. Just look at their wonderful creations!

Primary 3 Physical Education

Primary 3 have been practicing their throwing and aiming during PE. We played aiming games and got points if we got our beanbag into the targets.