Carrickfergus Model Primary School

Inspiring excellence through example, endeavour and encouragement

Welcome to Primary Six!


As part of our topic on sound, both Primary 6 classes made electrical circuits to light a lightbulb, sound a buzzer and operate a motor using a switch. We also tested materials and objects to see if they were conductors or insulators. We then had a lot of fun learning about Morse code and making some secret messages to communicate using our circuits and buzzers!

Translink Safety Bus

P6 spent some time today on the Translink Safety Bus. Pupils watched a video about keeping safe whilst waiting at a bus stop and were also given a presentation about safe travel on public transport. An important message delivered in appropriate surroundings!

P6 Sound Investigations 

P6 was noisy today again as we finished practical activities and investigations for our topic on sound! We had a lot of fun with tuning forks, chime bars, homemade telephones and a model of the human ear alongside completing some independent research!


During our sound topic we have been looking at the pitch and tone of a range of instruments, with some of our classmates even giving us a music lesson! We then planned our own instruments and then made them using junk. Today we had gave our first performance. I’m sure you will agree our instruments are fab and we sound fantastic! 

Young Enterprise Visit the Model

On Monday P6 took part in a session with Young Enterprise called ‘Our World’. We learnt lots of new business vocabulary such as importing, exporting, profit margins and economy. We looked at what makes a business and had a talk from an entrepreneur who had us thinking about our sub conscious and what we can do when we put our minds to it! There was lots of excitement when each group were allocated a country and had to work in their groups, set up a production line and make as much money as possible! We learnt lots and had great fun doing it!

P6 Build Bridges

P6 used Lego/DUPLO, string and masking tape to make suspension bridges today as part of our Shared Education programme with St. Nicholas' Primary School. Terrific teamwork resulted in brilliant bridges! Well done everyone!

Sound Investigation 

P6 was noisy today but expected and justified as we were doing practical activities and investigations for our topic on sound! We had a lot of fun with tuning forks, chime bars, homemade telephones and a model of the human ear to name but a few pieces of apparatus! After break we worked in pairs on a Numeracy challenge to investigate patterns between the sum of consecutive numbers! A real brain workout during which lots of magnificent mental maths was observed! A FAB Friday in P6!

Primary 6 Sound Topic

When P6 got back to the Model they made tissue box guitars, as part of their sound topic, to investigate pitch and loudness of stringed instruments! A fun day all round!

Action Cancer Workshop

This week P6 attended workshops run by Action Cancer. Pupils had opportunities to look at the effects that smoking and alcohol can have on their bodies. It was a great session and the facilitator was very impressed with the participation, questioning and prior knowledge the pupils had. P6 are now on route to making good choices for a healthy life! 

Primary 6 Shared Education

Primary 6 enjoyed a Shared Education trip today to Sunnylands Primary School. A great time was had by all of the pupils who enjoyed making arch bridges with stones and cement and as well as a challenge to build the tallest tower using cocktail sticks and marshmallows! All part of our shared STEM topic of bridges!

P6 Young Enterprise Business Masterclass

Mrs Hutton’s P6 attended the Young Enterprise Business Masterclass event, in association with Mid East Antrim Council, at the Town Hall today. They learnt all about supply chains, how business works, the importance of advertising and designed their own packaging for juice. They even got to meet the Mayor. Great fun was had by all and pupils from the Model were complemented on their entrepreneurial skills when they explained their ideas for setting up their own juice company! Watch out Lord Sugar!

Special Number Experts in P6!

P6 have been learning all about special numbers such as square, cubed and prime.  They worked in groups to build cube numbers, played games to become square number/square root experts and even tested their classmates by making square number fortune teller games!  They have learnt so much new mathematical vocabulary and really are Special Number Experts!