Carrickfergus Model Primary School

Inspiring excellence through example, endeavour and encouragement

Welcome to Primary Four!

The Students Become the Masters

Two Primary 4 boys in Mrs Gardner's class led the Numeracy lesson today and they were tough taskmasters! The boys asked pupils to tell the time in both analogue and digital time and they made sure the rest of the class followed the correct steps. They asked the pupils to give answers in minutes past and minutes to the hour. They smashed the lesson - well done boys!!

P4 Teamwork

This week’s ripple of kindness focus is “teamwork” and Primary 4 had great fun with this challenge! Working as a team, each group had to balance and lower the hoop to the ground using only a straight index finger. Some teams came up with their own ideas to make the challenge more difficult such balancing on one leg! Super teamwork everyone!

A Lesson on Kindness

Miss Gillespie from Carrickfergus Grammar School visited Mrs Gardner's class this week. She was a total hit with the pupils. Miss Gillespie was eager to teach a lesson and so today she led from the front. She asked many interesting and stimulating questions about what beauty is, what kindness looks like and she taught pupils that we should all value ourselves just the way we are. It was a great lesson for us all! She is welcome back to P4 anytime and the pupils gave her lesson a massive thumbs up.

Activity Based Learning

During ABL pupils enjoyed making 'Wind and the Sun' masks and painting winter trees. Groups of pupils presented a well planned, previously written in pairs, weather forecast for their islands (which were created by following precise instructions). Pupils spoke very well and enjoyed the excitement of a pretend live broadcast. Watch out Cecilia Daly!


Today Mrs Gardner's class learned the language associated with division - share, split, group, divide. They learned to make connections between their division and multiplication facts. Pupils then learned how to share equally between 2-6 pupils. They did a great job!

Teacher Training in P4

Two primary 4 boys were so competent in their knowledge of 2D shape that they became the teachers. They assessed the work of the rest of the P4 pupils. They discussed which comments they should add, depending of how many answers pupils got right or wrong, and they marked the work very carefully - as you can see! Well done boys, there's plenty more where that came from!!!

P4 Division

Primary 4, Mrs Robinson's class, enjoyed learning about division today. They now know how to divide by 2.

School Council Feedback to P4


Primary 4 School Council members, in Mrs Gardner's class, fed back the minutes from last week's School Council meeting to the rest of the class. They enjoyed raising a few exciting issues and heard ideas/feedback from the rest of our class. We all think that they are doing a great job! Keep up the great work!

P4 Weather Forecasters


P4 have been learning to read the weather, record temperatures in degrees Celsius and have been keeping a watchful eye on whether the meteorologists have been getting things right! They have been enjoying searching the Internet to check weather forecasts and have been enjoying recording our daily weather as well.

P4  Shape Investigations


Primary 4 have been learning about quadrilaterals and were asked to investigate how many different quadrilaterals they could make using geo-strips and geo-boards. They really enjoyed this investigation work.

Singing in the Rain in P4

Primary 4 have been putting together well choreographed dance moves, for the second week in a row, to the famous song 'Singing in the Rain'. Their topic is 'Whatever the Weather' and I cannot wait to see the big dance finale. Keep an eye out here for the final (dress-up) event!

Whatever the Weather in P4

Primary 4’s topic is ‘Whatever the Weather’. During ABL time we made wind catchers, researched and recorded interesting facts about weather, painted wintry forest scenes and made weather maps for presentation to the class next week. Barra Best, you’d better watch out!

P4 Christmas Art

Mrs Gardner's primary four pupils have been very creative this week. They made fabulous Christmas reindeers. For the last few weeks we have been singing 'Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer' (fun version) a lot so we decided to make reindeers to mark the occasion! Have a look at the finished products below! A big thank you to Romi, this month's pupil of the month, for all the extra help she gave her teacher in class!

P4 Christmas Art

Mrs Robinson's primary four pupils have been very creative. They made fabulous Santa faces! Have a look at the finished products in the video clip below! Ho ho ho!

Primary 4 Coding Experts!

Primary 4 had a brilliant time yesterday taking part in the Hour of Code. They were able to choose which activity they wanted to do  - 'Star Wars', 'Minecraft' - some pupils even explored the more festive option of 'The Grinch'. Everyone had a great time and some pupils really pushed themselves to get through the levels and complete increasingly difficult challenges. Pupils also supported each other and got their heads together for some paired learning when aspects of the task got a bit tricky - what a great approach to problem solving! They now have personal logins and I hope they will enjoy using specific activities at home as well as in school. 

School is Cool in Primary 4

Primary 4 have been enjoying their topic ‘School’s Cool’. They received four mystery bags from four different members of staff, each staff member having a different job in our school. Pupils had to become detectives; they had to work out, from the clues provided, who owned each bag. Most of the groups guessed correctly but one group just couldn’t work out who owned their mystery bag. Well done P4, Inspector Clouseau watch out! Now it is time to complete our write-ups and make clay faces of our mystery characters for Art. 


Primary 4 have been enjoying using Cuisenaire to apply their understanding of multiplication. This week they have been learning about Commutative Law and they have had a few challenges thrown their way. As you can see, from the great answers, P4 are doing their teacher proud! Well done kids!

Young Enterprise

All of Primary 4 were very lucky to have Emma from Young Enterprise come in and teach them today. They explored the concept of ‘Community’ and thought about what type of business they could bring to the town they were presented with on the board. Children then had a vote about whose business idea was best. Overall the children learned a lot, they were completely engaged in their learning and the activities given to them, and they had great fun mixing with their friends in both P4 classes. 

Primary Four Writing

Mrs Robinson’s class enjoyed a shared writing session this week! The pupils’ creative juices were overflowing!! After a shared session, they wrote their own pieces and then they helped edit each other’s work. It was so much fun...P4 can’t wait until the next lesson!!


Primary 4 love maths challenges. They have been enjoying games and extension activities using Active Maths resources. Furthermore, pupils have enjoyed using their counting on strategy to work out change from 50p and 100p.

Primary 4 Art Work

P4 have been enjoying working with clay this week. They manipulated the clay and used a range of sculpting tools to make faces of four different members of staff - Mrs Miller, Mrs Beggs, Mr Kirk and Mrs Love. Pupils worked very hard and some pupils learned how to successfully attach a nose to their clay face. I can’t wait to see how good they look when they are painted.

Primary 4 Activity Based Learning

Mrs Robinson's class were busy today building a playground out of lego during ABL.

Primary 4 Engineers

Mrs Robinson’s class work as engineers to explore how the playground is constructed. Watch out for our playgrounds built from junk materials!

Legg Park Visit

Primary 4 enjoyed visiting Legg Park today. They looked at the shapes and discussed the recycled materials they would need to collect in order to build junk parks during ABL. They had a great time playing on the equipment before we left to come back to school.

Football Skills in P4

Primary 4 are so lucky to have Daniel from IFA to teach them excellent ball skills and brilliant football related games.  Today pupils played Statues, Pac-Man and Bench Football. Pupils had an amazing time and they cannot wait until next week! Thank you, Daniel!