Carrickfergus Model Primary School

Inspiring excellence through example, endeavour and encouragement


Our school motto is one of 'Inspiring excellence through example, endeavour and encouragement.'

We aim to create a vibrant and progressive culture and a climate of continuous innovation. Our ethos is one of ambition and achievement, striving for high standards and the maximum for every learner.

The Model Primary School has a strong tradition of high standards of pupil attainment and this is reflected in the expectations held by staff for pupils, in terms of their attitude, approach and application to learning, school discipline, respect for others, appearance and attendance.  We value the need for clear expectations, rules and procedures, which encourage children to take responsibility for their own actions.  Well established routines and clear communication contribute to a sense of well-being, safety and security for each child.  We aim to create an orderly, caring and calm environment where teachers can teach and children can learn. Central to the creation of this environment is a commitment to Christian values, the recognition of the worth and value of each child and the cultivation of self-respect, so that the child may accept his/her appropriate responsibilities and show respect for others.  We aim to establish a community wherein pupils, teachers, parents and support staff enjoy a sense of belonging and have an important part to play. Whilst we attempt to express Christian values in the life of the school, we remain open to all children and their parents and believe that diversity in the school community enhances the educational experience for everyone.