Carrickfergus Model Primary School


Maths Week in P4 Mrs Gardner's Class

Primary 4 really enjoyed taking part in a variety of activities during Maths week last week. The children viewed a wide variety of posters that required 'Maths Eyes' to solve a range of problems and carry out maths investigations. They explored the outdoor school environment looking for maths everywhere and made up some of their own math's questions. They also completed the following activities: 'What’s the Question?', 'Three in a Row' (taught by Miss Whitten) and 'Legs, Legs, Legs' but we mixed up the last task up by including centipedes, spiders and insects.

Have you got Maths Eyes?


Primary 4 ask you to 'get your maths eyes on' when you look at their pictures below! Here are the questions they made up:


What is this shape in the adventure playground called? What are it’s properties?
How many squares and triangles are on the ladder? 
If each rectangle on the gate is worth 5, how much does the gate come to altogether?
Divide the pine cones by the orange cone.
Look at the seat of friendship - what different shapes do you see?
What shape are the bins? What are the properties of this shape?
How many rectangles and circles do you see on the cable reel?
Count the rectangles in the fence and multiply your answer by 100. 


Maths Week in P3 Mrs Johnston's Class

Primary 3 have been very busy during Maths week. The children have completed What’s the question activity, Three in a row dice game and Legs, Legs, Legs an investigative Maths task. The children also made glasses and magnifying glasses to help their Maths Eyes to find shapes, numbers etc in the school grounds. There are lots of magnificent mathematicians in P3.

Maths Week in P2 Mrs Mitchell's Class

P2 pupils have been enjoying a variety of Maths games as part of Maths Week. 

Maths Week in P2 Mrs Dickinson's Class

P2 have been realising just how many things we need maths for in our everyday lives! From playing games to buying sweets, maths opportunities are all around us!!

Maths Week in P3 Miss Rea's Class

Primary 3 have been making the most of 'Maths Week' by completing a range of maths activities in class. We started by thinking differently when using mental maths. We were given the answer to the problem and we had to think about what the question would be. We played three in a row games and completed a maths investigation. We have also been thinking about maths in everyday life. Keep your maths eyes on to look out for maths in school, at home and outside.

Maths Week in P7 Mrs Kirkland's Class

As part of Maths Week Ireland this week, P7 were participating in an online numeracy competition today. This ends on Sunday so we have a number of volunteers endeavouring to get us to the top of the leaderboard over the weekend!

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