Carrickfergus Model Primary School

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Recent events

Have a look at some of the special occasions that have taken place at Carrickfergus Model recently.  There are always plenty of things happening around our school.



Well done to everyone who took part in Sport’s Day today. The weather was really on our side and it helped many of the P7 pupils and their teachers dry off today, after the water race! Each pupil gave their best and had a go and everyone was determined to finish each race. We are all very proud of your many achievements today so keep running all the races that life brings and keep up the great team spirit that was shown today.


Our thanks go out to everyone who played their part in organising and running this event, especially our PE Coordinator Mrs McCullough!



It's 'Walk to School Week' and lots of pupils have been getting on board our walking buses and have been walking to school with their parents and teachers. Have at look at some of our fabulous walkers in the pictures below.

If you haven't hopped on board yet you still can join us on Wednesday and Thursday morning at Carrick Castle at 8:25am!

Keep up the great walking everyone!



On Monday P6 visited the Carrickfergus Library. Our thanks goes to one of the librarians and a P6 parent, Mrs Millar, who explained to the pupils how fiction and non-fiction books were organised in the library.

Pupils undertook activities with familiar author names and with using the Dewey Decimal System.  Carrickfergus Library also has a dedicated Accelerated Reader section which was great for our avid P6 readers.

Mrs Millar also demonstrated the ebook and audiobook online borrowing facilities provided by LibrariesNI. Some pupils returned to school carrying the books they borrowed from the library during our visit. 

P6 were immersed in a day of Viking life and culture today. Pupils had opportunities to take part in: brooch making, writing in runes, weaving, tasting Viking food, playing traditional games, an archaeological dig of a Viking settlement, sword drills and shield wall training and finally a little Viking green screen as a record of our busy day of learning!
Have a look at all of these exciting actives in the pictures below!
P2 have been really enjoying their current topic all about Space. They went to Armagh Planetarium to learn lots of interesting space facts. They also shared facts about space during Show and Tell. Have a look at all these fun activities in the pictures below. 
Primary 2 pupils have been really enjoying playing outdoors in the school courtyard. Have a look at them solving puzzles together, playing in the sand pit, using the puppet show and having a good bounce around on the space hoppers. 



Have a look at what P5 have been doing as part of their topic 'The Egyptians'. Pupils had to follow instructions, make water fillers and construct reed boats. It really looks like great fun!



P1-4 pupils enjoyed meeting the author Hilary Bailey in assembly this morning. She read excerps from her books, which are set in local locations, and she told pupils about the main character in her books, her own pet dog. The children enjoyed being able to ask her questions after they watched a presentation and listened to some stories. 



Primary 4 pupils are enjoying reading together in the lovely sunshine and in the outdoor classroom! They are 'Hooked on Books'!

Remember everyone, all reading counts towards sponsorship this week!



P6 went on a trip on Wednesday to Colin Glen Adventure Centre, as part of the Model’s Shared Education programme. 


They enjoyed the low ropes course, climbing activities and 'flying' down from the top challenges. The trip was to complement their learning on Bridges and Flight. 


The photos below show what a fantastic adventure they had. 



Rugby boys had great fun at The Kingspan Stadium last week. The weather was not on our side, it was cold wet and miserable but this didn’t stop our boys giving it their all in every game.  Thanks to all the parents that came to support.

Rock and Roll dancing makes a come-back at the Model!


Primary 4 have been learning all about life in the 1950s. They have been exploring housing, décor, fashion and music as part of their topic ‘Houses and Homes’. For weeks now they have been practising 1950’s dance moves such as the jitterbug and the jive. Have a look at these 1950’s kids having a great time as they rock around the clock!



Well done to these fantastic readers! They received certificates in assembly this morning for the progress they are making in our Accelerated Reader programme. Everyone at the Model is so proud of you! Keep up the great work!



P4 have been learning all about electricity as part of their topic Houses and Homes. They have been finding out about how electricity is made and where it comes from. Pupils have been exploring the dangers inherent in using electricity as well as how to stay safe around electrical appliances. Furthermore, pupils have been discovering how to make a circuit. 


Look at the photos below to see these P4 scientists in action! 




All pupils in the Model are taking part in The Daily Mile between now and the end of June. They have been really enjoying this time out-of-doors to get fit and to chat to their peers and teachers. The P5 pupils have been walking and talking to the children from the junior school and have been making new acquaintances in the process. 


To find out more visit


 P6 visited St Nicholas Primary School and took part in a range of scientific investigations all linked to their current topic ‘Flight’. These super scientists learned how to use code to make drones fly and they also made balloon powered cars.


Have a look at them in action in the pictures below. 



Congratulations to these fabulous pupils; they have each won a prize for their commitment to reading. These children have reached the amazing target of reading one million words! Exemplary work Key Stage 2 readers!



The boys enjoyed a sunny day at Ben Madigan at the Area Tournament. We started as the underdogs with the only team fielding P5’s but that didn’t seem to hold us back! From the off we dominated the match beating Greenisland Primary with ease. Next we faced Templepatrick, a stronger opponent but we held ourselves together and triumphed in another win. Fairview was next but once again the boys rose to the challenge fending off a larger pack to get the win. The final game of the day was against Greenisland for a second time. We ended on a high leaving the tournament undefeated with an unblemished try line!! Thank you to all the supportive parents and grandparents.


The coaches from 'Tennis Fundamentals' visited our school this week. Have a look at the great fun the pupils in P4 and P5 had smashing any challenges that came their way!

Silence please...


Pupils from St. Nicholas came to our school and took part in a QR code trail with their Model friends.

Pupils found out great facts about animals and their habitats by both independently using a search engine in the computer suite and then going off the beaten track and using the QR code trail around the school.

The pupils did a brilliant job of recording the facts and then producing a fabulous factual, colourful poster using Comic Life.

At the end of their journey (competed in one morning!) they used Airplay to share their final master-pieces on the Clevertouch board for their peers to see.





P4 have been learning about 3D shape. They have been looking at the properties of a sphere, a cylinder, a triangular prism, a square based pyramid, a triangular based pyramid, a cube and a cuboid.


In the pictures below pupils were moving around the classroom exploring a new 3D shape every time they arrived at another work station. When the timer went off it was time to carousel, clockwise, to the next 3D shape and fill in the properties on the large grid. After pupils had travelled 360 degrees around the room they gathered on the carpet to feed back their answers to the rest of the class. 


After this pupils explored nets of 3D shapes and completed a writeup on a specific 3D shape.





P7 participated in the Young Enterprise NI ‘Business Beginnings Trade Fair’. They have worked hard, since January, with their volunteers to make business plans, decide on a business idea and name and then produce their final products. 


They have been learning all about profits, loss, projections, the roles in a business and reinvestments.  The programme ended with a trade fair at the Abbey Centre, just before Easter, and both P7 classes sent their sales teams.  ‘Duster Ducks’ and ‘Hutton’s Little Daffodils’ went along and worked tirelessly at promoting and selling their products.  Both classes sold all of their products and after calculating and paying expenses, both made a profit!  The hard part now is deciding what treat to spend our hard earned profit on!



The Northern Ireland Assembly Education Officer visited P7 to tell them about the Assembly.  P7 learnt about constituencies, who our local MPs are, what MPs do and how they can help us.  P7 also learnt about the voting system in N.I. and watched a video showing them what the inside of Stormont looks like.  Some pupils gave a political party speech and tried to convince their classmates to vote for their Party.  P7 then took part in a class election and watched how the voting system works. 



Have a look at these great pictures taken of our Mary Poppins performance in March. The children did a fantastic job and raised the standard of acting, dancing and singing in our school. The talent demonstrated by all of the pupils exceeded our expectations. They dazzled us, moved us and enthralled us by their performances. Well done Model pupils!


Primary 6 have been very busy making bird seed cake to encourage some feathered visitors for their Big Bird Survey.

Have a look at their hard work in preparing the bird cakes and the holders in the pictures below. We are all looking forward to hearing about the survey results!


Primary 4 have been studying 'Houses and Homes' as part of their 'World Around Us' topic. They have been creating shoe box bedrooms.

Have a look at their amazing creations - there are some lovely original ideas in each room. Well done P4!

Some pupils also used this opportunity to take a bird's eye view picture of their room as it just so happened that we were looking a 'plans' this week too.


Primary 4 have been exploring Symmetry and Tessellation. They have been using 2D shape wooden blocks, multilink cubes, peg boards, letters, picture cards, symmetry dominoes, RM Colour Magic, symmetry blobs (with paint) amongst other things.

Have a look at some of their investigation outcomes - they have made some lovely creative pieces of maths work. Well done P4!


Have a look at our lovely new friendship bench. This idea came from the children in the school council.


At the Model we are encouraging children to always include others. If someone is feeling alone or left out they can sit on the friendship bench. Someone will then come and talk to this person and offer to play with them.


What an excellent decision the school council has made!


There was an assembly today to award prizes to pupils who wore the most creative costumes on World Book Day. Have a look at our proud winners.


CONGRATULATIONS to this week's accelerated reader certificate winners. What good timing that they received their awards on WORLD BOOK DAY!



Pupils at the Model have been very busy and very creative today as they celebrated World Book Day AS WELL AS Disconnect Week. 


Children and teachers came to school dressed as their favourite story book character. There was also a special assembly for P4-7 to celebrate this special day. 


Pupils also used the c2k Newsdesk to vote, access videos made by their peers and to link together with pupils from other schools to celebrate World Book Day.


Furthermore, pupils from the senior end of the school visited junior pupils in their classrooms and read to them. Have a look at these lovely pictures showing this shared approach to reading together. What a lovely way to connect with one another!


Primary Two


Have a look at the MANY different activities P2 have been getting up to. They have been learning about Jolly Phonics, Arctic animals, making friends with our partner school children and having a great time on World Book Day.  


P2 Arctic Play Based Learning

From completing World jigsaws to painting Arctic animals, P2 have had an amazing Arctic time!

P2 Shared Education


Sunnyland’s Primary School pupils came to the Model. P2 are getting to know lots of children from Sunnyland’s. In February, Sunnyland’s visited us and we had fun making new friends during PE and Play Based Learning time. We are thinking of how ‘to be kind to each other.’

P2 pupils from the Model visited St.Nicholas’ Primary School in February and our theme was ‘Friendship’. Great fun was had by all planting seeds and creating cherry tree pictures. 

P2 World Book Day

P4 came to read to P2. The Pupils had a great time interacting with each other. 

P2 Jolly Phonics

Jolly Phonics time is fun! P2 are super at learning their sounds.

Busy Primary One Pupils


Have a look at the MANY different activities P1 have been getting up to. They have been investigating number, making and flying kites and listening to a mystery reader. 


Have a look at these busy P1 pupils in the pictures below!

Science in Primary 5


Primary 5 have been building rockets as part of their Shared Education programme and have been investigating many different aspects of science as part of their STEM related work.


Have a look at what they have been up to in the slideshows below.

Primary 6 Share Approaches to Building Bridges


Primary 6 have been learning about constructing bridges as part of their Bridges topic and as part of their STEM related work.


Pupils from the Model visited Sunnylands to build arch bridges. Then pupils from St Nicholas Primary School came to the Model to build truss bridges and suspension bridges.


The winning suspension bridge carried a load of 13 hanging quoits - no mean feat for a lego and string construction!


The results are very impressive as you can see from the pictures below. 

  Accelerated Reader Awards 


The first of our P5-P7 Accelerated Reader certificates were awarded in Senior Assembly this week.

 So far our keen readers have read over 1,000 books and 17 million words read since the  Accelerated Reader scheme was launched at the start of December!



P4's Marvellous Medicines

P4 have been busy making some Marvellous Medicine. They are enjoying the novel 'George's Marvellous Medicine' so much that they decided to make up some nasty yucky medicines of their own.


The ingredients were very interesting CHILLI, SHAVING FOAM, GLOW IN THE DARK LIQUID, GLITTER, COOKING OIL... amongst many other ingredients. All of the medicines came with a warning and some pupils even designed their own medicine brands with colourful packaging too!

Have a look at their concoctions!

E Safety Competition Winners 

Congratulations to those pupils who won certificates and prizes for producing the most creative and most eye-catching E safety posters. Their positive messages and their unique ideas made them part of the winning team. Well done.

Here a few of the pupils with their fabulous creations!

Dazzling Decimals

Primary 6 have been working hard in maths learning all about decimals. Have a look at the great work they have been doing in the pictures below.


P7 Rugby Coaching

Here are some pictures of P7 receiving rugby coaching. Have a look at how their skills are being put to use.



P7 pupils had a special visit to Carrick Museum this week. They enjoyed learning about life in Victorian times. Pupils had great fun dressing up and they learned a lot by exploring the many artefacts on hand. I wonder if they would like to go back in time and live in the Victorian era?


Pupils had a special visit this week from 'Buddy'. He came alongside his team from the NSPCC.

Children were shown a presentation about how important it is to find a trusted adult to speak to when you feel sad, when people are not treating you right or when something just doesn't feel right. Buddy showed us the difference between thumbs up feelings and thumbs down feelings.


Pupils also learned the important number they need to call if they need help and support. They learned the actions for this number too. 0800 1111

P7 Taster Day

P7 pupils have been out and about enjoying themselves at Carrickfergus Academy. As you can see from the photos they had a whale of a time on the sports equipment. The trampoline was the real highlight of the day!

P6 Shared Education

Pupils at Carrickfergus Model have been 'literally' building bridges with pupils from our partner schools St Nicholas' Primary School and Sunnyland's Primary School. In the pictures below you can see how pupils had to work in groups to try to figure out how to build the sturdiest bridge and one that could hold the most pupils. It is great to see how pupils worked in teams to solve any problems that came up.

After having all this fun they then had time to contemplate one of the most famous structures in Europe, the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Pupils then completed their own masterpieces through the medium of painting or sketching.

As you can see from the pictures everyone had a great time.


P7 Young Enterprise

Last week P7 pupils had a great time learning all about how to run a business when Young Enterprise NI visited our school. 


All this useful knowledge of 'Financial Capability' will be put into real world practise in March when they will be setting up their own business. 


Have a look at these budding entrepreneurs in the photos below. Watch out Lord Sugar!

P4 Shared Education

This week pupils at the Model went to St Nicholas' Primary School to partner up with the other P4s there. Children from Sunnyland's Primary School came too. Everyone had a fabulous time reuniting with each other.

It was a fun packed day filled with games and creative activities. Pupils particularly enjoyed playing the parachute game together as well as an Art activity where pupils drew a portrait of each other.

We cannot wait for our next get together! Have a look at our pictures, they tell the story themselves!

The Magic of Christmas

This week pupils at the Model went to see the Ulster Orchestra and Belfast Philharmonic Choir perform 'The Magic of Christmas'. Pupils enjoyed hearing all the usual and most popular melodies. In the pictures below we can spot a few pupils doing actions to the 'Twelve Days of Christmas'. A great time was had by all in attendance.




Here are a few photos to show you what our school choir were doing over Christmas. The pupils went out and about in the local community to spread some Christmas magic and Christmas cheer by singing carols and popular Christmas songs. Pupils visited a Senior Citizen's dinner at the Loughshore Hotel, Burleigh House Nursing Home, Danske Bank and Wesley Court and Abbeyfield's Sheltered Housing.

Thank you to all of the venues involved and for their warm welcome and hospitality. The pupils and staff had a great time! 




Congratulations to these pupils for creating the 'Best Energy Saving Posters'. Their creative posters displayed great ideas and top tips for us all as to how to help conserve energy and look after our school environment. The posters are now displayed all around the school so that other pupils can take this good advice on board. Well done P4, P5 and P6 for keeping us all challenged and focused on this important message.



Congratulations to Mrs Boyd's P5 class for being the winners of 'Switch Off Fortnight'. These children have been taking care of our school and our planet by switching off lights, monitors, whiteboards and much much more. They have now earned an extra 10 minutes of play time due to their care for our environment.


Keep up the great work eco warriors! 



Have a look at what P5 have been getting up to this week. They look like they are having a brilliant time making fabulous Snowmen. Just have a look at their master-pieces below!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...


P2-P4 are really enjoying their Christmas Carol Service so far. This morning they performed their first show to their mums, dads, grannies and grandas and they have been buzzing about it ever since.


Have a look at some behind-the-scene photos and then of course some pictures of the big finale performance on stage.


We look forward to seeing you all again tomorrow and on Thursday. So... 'Come and Join the Celebration'!!



Last week pupils at the Model tried to solve all manner of problems by taking part in an 'Hour of Code'.


Each class from P4 upwards were invited to solve many problems and over come many difficulties by participating in a Minecraft online challenge.


Pupils had to watch a video which set the scene and the context of the problem. Then pupils either worked independently or, if they preferred, in groups to create a number of solutions until they had completed all the steps to finish the task.


Below you can see some of the pupils who finished first and received online certificates because they were excellent coders! Well done!

Congratulations to our Competition Winners!


Well done to these pupils for their well thought out and creative anti-bullying posters. These posters remind us what we can do to stop bullying and they give us good advice on how to behave like a true super hero would - 'Be a buddy not a bully.'


Have a look at these 'SUPER' posters...



Odd Socks Day


Today, Friday 17th November, pupils in the Model acknowledged and celebrated their uniqueness by proclaiming, "We are different but we are equal." This week was anti-bullying week and so we decided to celebrate what makes us different and how good being different really is. This was the focus of our assemblies this week led my Miss Manson and Mrs Miller.


We also explored issues such as how to be a good friend, what makes us happy and sad, how we can help others and how important it is to not keep worries inside us but instead to talk to someone.


Pupils showed how being different is great by coming to school today wearing odd socks. Here are some pictures of their socks, yes their see if you can spot any socks you know! (And yes the teachers took part too!)


Remembrance Day Assembly


Reverend Cooke visited our school this morning to talk to us about Remembrance Day. She talked to P1-7 about WWI and WWII and reminded us all about the importance of the cross. Mr Clinton then played 'The Last Post' on his trumpet which was followed by a minute's silence. 

Young Enterprise NI


On Thursday 9th November Primary 4 were visited by a member of Young Enterprise NI. The pupils had a great time learning about what a community is, how to build a community, what taxes are and how people are paid. Pupils had to work together as a team, share ideas, make decisions and vote on important issues. Each task offered important learning opportunities and encouraged the use of thinking skills, social skills and Numeracy skills. The pupils really enjoyed the variety of activities taught by Emma and they thanked her for her fun interactive lessons. It was a great experience for everyone.

Primary One 


Primary One pupils have been very busy throughout their first half term. They have been acquiring important Literacy and Numeracy skills through a wide range of play based learning opportunities.


Just have a look at the many things that they have been doing.

P1 Numeracy 2017

Trip to W5

Primary 5 have been very busy again! This time they have been exploring the many activities on offer at W5. Take a look at all of the things that they have been up to.

Harvest Assembly


On Friday the pupils and staff in Carrick Model came together for an assembly to celebrate 'Harvest'. Pupils from different year groups read scriptures and said prayers. They shared Bible parables and groups of pupils told us stories to help us understand how fortunate we all are. Pupils sang their favourite harvest songs and performed an interactive harvest poem.

Primary One joined us a little later showing the true spirit of giving by bringing in cans of food for the harvest table. The hall was beautifully decorated with pupils' harvest art work, flowers, fruit and carefully arranged cans of food to show how much we all value the importance of giving.

As always, it was a lovely thought-provoking assembly.

Primary 5

One of the Primary 5 pupils enjoyed her visit to the local community so much that she drew a picture of one of the resident's pets that she saw. Here is her master piece.





Harvest Baskets


Primary 5 pupils worked very hard on Thursday to make harvest baskets filled with lovely fresh fruit. The pupils put lots of tender loving care into wrapping the baskets and to ensuring a well presented final product. On Friday, after the harvest assembly, the pupils and their teachers then delivered the baskets, and some fresh bunches of flowers, to members of the local community. The pupils really enjoyed the whole experience.

The Book Fair

Pupils at Carrick Model thoroughly enjoyed the Book Fair when it came to school this Friday 13th October. Just have a look at the pupils' happy faces as they hold up some of their favourite book choices.

As always, a massive thank you is due to the people who work hard behind the scenes, and on the day, to make the whole experience so enjoyable for the pupils.


Congratulations Fundraisers!


On Friday 22nd September pupils at the Model had a non-uniform day in order to raise money for Noah and Gracie Coates. Pupils raised £1,530. Well done everyone!


Noah and Gracie are from a local family. They suffer from a very rare genetic condition known as Vanishing White Matter Disease. They are the only two known cases in Northern Ireland at present.


Here are the pupils on their non-uniform fundraiser day.



New Hive Hackers in P5-7


Have a look at what Primary 5-7 have been learning in ICT. These pupils are taking part in a seven week computer programming course run by PWC. The course is helping our pupils to acquire important coding skills such as writing algorithms, sequencing, looping as well as how to use conditionals. In essence the pupils are learning a whole new language as well as how to develop a mindset for coding. Just look at the concentration on their faces as they work out what they need to do next. There is little doubt that important problem solving skills are at a maximum in the pictures below!

Welcome to Primary One
A big welcome to our new P1 pupils. Just have a look at how well they are settling in to life at Carrick Model Primary School.

Translink Bus and Train Week - 5th-11th June 2017

As part of Translink's Bus and Train Week, our P3, P5 and P7 pupils visited Carrickfergus Railway Station where they were given an insight into current and previous operations at the station and were also taught about railway safety.  This was a very informative trip and the kids were delighted to get a goody bag to take home!

ECO flag award

Congratulations to Mrs Falconer and the school ECO Council on achieving the ECO flag award once again.  Worthy recgntition of all the hard work undertaken by Mrs Falconer and her ECO councillors - Shannon Jess, Stuart Crooks, Erin Walker, Emily Magill, Jayden Hamilton, Ben Palmer, Anya Laughlin and Alex McGrew.  Well done everyone!

Almost £3000 raised at the PTA Fun Day 2017 - a massive thank you to all our parents and pupils!

Senior Sports Day 2017

Junior Sports Day 2017 

Rugby @ Ravenhill

On Wednesday 10th May, the P6/7 rugby team participated in a mini rugby tournament at Ravenhill.  The glorious sunshine enabled the boys to show off their smart new kits as well as their rugby skills on the pitch.  Our thanks goes to Bill Crymble, financial director of Forever Living for sponsoring our fabulous new attire and to Mr & Mrs Cowden for providing kit bags, perfect for keeping them organised between matches.  The boys were paid many compliments at the tournament for how professional they looked and for how well they played. 

Creme Egg Creations

Just before the Easter holidays, we held a competition to create a scene involving creme eggs.  We evidently have lots of creative families in school and all our staff and pupils thoroughly enjoyed admiring each masterpiece.  Well done everyone! 


Primary 2 are out of this world!!

P6 Viking Day

Primary 6 were able to have their Viking Day in glorious weather this year - perfect for a Viking shield battle in the school field!  They also enjoyed tasting Viking food, making Viking crafts and playing indoor and outdoor traditional Viking games.  It was very difficult to choose winners for the best costumes but we were in no doubt who are vicious Viking warriors were in the afternoon!

P7 London Trip - April 2017

P7 had a great time in London before Easter.  They went all over the city from the Natural History Museum to Buckingham Palace, from Hamleys to Wembley Stadium.  They even had time to catch a show or two along the way.

Bouncy Castle Fun!

It's not even fun day yet, still a bouncy castle was inflated in the school Assembly Hall for P1, 5 and 7 pupils to enjoy as a treat for winning the 'Class of the Month' school award recently.  Some parachute games took place alongside the bouncy castle, with 'sharks' being a firm favourite amongst the kids!  Keep up the hard work and super behaviour you lot!

World of Owls visits Primary 6

As part of their most recent topic on Birds, Primary 6 had a visit from World of Owls.  As well as bringing the very famous owl from Harry Potter, he also had a few additional creatures for P6 to see and touch!  There were a few very brave pupils as you can see


P5 Egyptian Day

On Friday 17th March, P5 pupils and staff came into school dressed up and ready to take part in the annual 'Egyptian Day' extravaganza in the Assembly Hall.  A wide range of activities were available, including Egyptian themed arts and crafts, STEM activities, dance, food tasting and green screen fun!  We had a great day!  Thank you for all your effort in getting the children ready for the day.  Take a look at what we got up to!  Some P1 and P2 pupils even got in on the action on their way home!...

St. Patrick's Inter Schools Showjumping 

Congratulations to a very courageous pupil who braved the elements on St. Patrick's Day to achieve 2nd place in the Primary Individual class. Fabulous achievement!


iteach MinecraftEDU competition

We have a 'master miner' in Primary 7 who recently came joint 3rd in the ICT Schools competition to design the Aviva stadium on Minecraft. Congratulations Matthew!

P6 visit Carrickfergus Library

Both Primary 6 classes made their annual trip to Carrickfergus Library in March this year.  There they were taken on a tour of the library and its resources, both virtual and those in the real world, by local librarian and parent, Mrs Millar. At the end, library members also had the opportunity to borrow some new books.  We really enjoyed our visit!



The school choir had a fabulous time participating in the Peace Proms concert 2017 in the SSE Arena, Belfast on Sunday 26th February. Approx. 3000 children took part alongside guest soloists and the CBOI Youth Orchestra, conducted by Greg Beardsell -  what an experience! All of our pupils should be very proud of their hard work for this event and they seemed to thoroughly enjoy it as they sang their hearts out & danced their socks off all afternoon!


Pupils respond to Stand by Me assembly

Jonny from a charity close to our hearts, Stand by Me, has been visiting us regularly in assemblies and has also been taking some RE lessons in KS2. In response to his classroom lessons on 'needs and wants' two of our P6 girls decided to gather up their loose change etc. and give it to help the work of Stand by Me.  It was lovely to see this important message impacting pupil lives outside the classroom too.

'In the Net'

Just ahead of the national Safer Internet Day, we had the privilege of hosting classes from our Shared Education partnership schools, St. Nicholas PS and Sunnylands PS to watch a play on the topic of internet safety entitled 'In the Net.'  This was perfectly pitched by the playwrights for the mid-primary school age range and left plenty of food for thought for us all. 

Peace Proms workshop

Early on the last Monday morning in January, our school choir headed off to the Ulster Hall for a workshop with renowned conductor, Greg Beardsell, ahead of the Peace Proms concert at the end of February.  We learnt a number of singing tips as we went along and were treated to beatbox sounds performed by Greg Beardsell himself.  What a lovely way to start a Monday morning!

Cage Football

This week P5-P7 were able to have lots of fun participating in Cage Football sessions run by Youth for Christ.  We are very grateful to North Street Presbyterian for providing us with this fabulous opportunity. What a way to start and finish the week!

A Christmas Celebration 2016

What amazing talent was on display in the P1-P4 Christmas Celebration.  Every child took part and performed their role with enthusiasm and dedication - we are very proud of them all.  KS2 also held their bi-annual Carol Service. Each pupil rose to the challenge in reading, singing, playing an instrument or helping out on the night. They were all fabulous - a credit to their school.  A new feature this year was a staff singing group at the end of the Carol Service - perhaps a regular feature in the future?!

During the Autumn term, Carrickfergus Model PS successfully achieved the HP Digital Schools of Distinction Award.  To date, fewer than 20 schools in NI have this accolade.  We are very proud of the teachers and pupils who participated in the assessor's visit & to all teachers and pupils as they continue to contribute to the digital learning in our school.

Sustrans Active Travel - Orienteering

As part of the Sustrans Active Travel initiative, Primary 6 & 7 pupils participated in orienteering sessions in late November.  We are pleased to report all pupils navigated their way around the course - some more quickly than others!

£406 raised for Children in Need - what a 'spotacular' effort - a big thank you & well done to all our pupils and parents!

 Fairytale Dress Up Day in Primary One

At the end of October, Primary One pupils (and teachers!) held their annual Fairytales & Nursery Rhymes Dress Up Day.  They took part in a special Fairytale Parade around the Assembly Hall and even had a banquet in class fit for princesses and their Prince Charmings.  A big thank you to all the grown ups who 'transformed' their children that morning - everyone looked magical!

New School Rugby Kit

At the beginning of October we had the privilege of unveiling the new school rugby kit and doesn't it look fabulous?!  We are extremely grateful to Forever Living for sponsoring the school rugby kit and to Mr and Mrs Cowden for sponsoring the kit bags. What a wonderful start to the 2016/17 rugby season!


Sustrans Safe Travel to School

The first of this year's Sustrans Safe Travel to School events took place recently.   At the end of September, KS2 classes had a bikeability workshop in which they learned how to look after their bikes.  Our Sustrans officer also held a Bike Clinic on the last Friday of the month where pupils could bring their bikes to school for a comprehensive maintenance check and received a report on the 'health' of their bikes.  A big thank you to all the parents who transported bikes to school that day.  

European Languages Day


We celebrated European Languages Day at the end of September with a special assembly organised by Mrs Robinson on Friday 30th September.  As a school we used this opportunity to showcase all of the world languages represented by pupils in our school community.  Thank you to Mrs Robinson and to all the pupils who participated and to the fabulous senoritas and matadors in Primary 2 for their colourful displays!  P6 also had the privilege of having some A-level pupils from Carrickfergus Grammar visit their classrooms and teach them a little French and Spanish too.  It was great fun!


Carrickfergus Model's EU referendum

On Wednesday 8th June 2016 we held our own EU referendum.  After much campaigning, both sides presented their convincing arguments to a packed Assembly Hall that morning in a last bid to win voters.  At Breaktime and Lunchtime, the P7 electoral officers were open for voting by P3-P7 pupils and teachers alike.  Votes from the sealed ballot box were counted that afternoon. 

The result returned from Carrickfergus Model P.S. was:

215 votes cast (over 95% turnout)

3 spoiled votes

136 votes to LEAVE the EU

76 votes to STAY in the EU   

A fantastic campaign by P7s on both sides and their campaign managers, Mr Catterson and Mrs Boyd - well done everyone!  

Sports Day 2016 

After a very inclement start to the day, the sun eventually broke through.  Well done to all our pupils, each one participated with great enthusiasm and sportsmanship and thoroughly enjoyed their ice pops afterwards.  Our appreciation also goes to Fortfield Spar for sponsoring this event and donating the ice pops to refresh everyone in the afternoon.

PTA Fun Day 2016

The annual PTA Fun Day on Friday 3rd June was a great success - the sun was shining, the sausages were sizzling and pupils were having lots of fun.  We are very grateful to all our parents who helped with this event in any way.  A massive thank you to our parents and pupils who attended Fun Day this year - over £2400 raised.  This will go towards the construction of a roofing structure to help weatherproof the inner play courtyard - thank you!

P2 are out of this world!

Recently, Primary 2 have been having lots of fun learning about Outer Space.  They even held a video conference with a real live astronaut!

P6 Viking Day

Just after the Easter holidays, Primary 6 went back in time to the Viking era. Everyone participated with enthusiasm especially when honing their sword fighting techniques. It was impressive to see how many pupils were brave enough to sample the Viking food - buttermilk included!

PTA Easter Egg Design Competition

A big thank you to every pupil who participated in the Easter Egg Design Competition.  We have very creative pupils and parents! Well done everyone.


P5 Egyptian Day

Just before Easter, Primary 5 travelled back in time to Ancient Egypt.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed looking the part & participating in all the learning activities on offer on Egyptian Day - the adults seemed to be having plenty of fun too!

World Book Day 2016

We have been very busy engaging in a number of activities for World Book Day this year - an Extreme Reading photo challenge, learning a World Book Day song, local storyteller visits and KS2 participated in a live video conference to vote for our 'recommended read.'  It was out of this world!


Safer Internet Day 2016

Safer Internet Day 2016 took place on Tuesday 9th February, with the theme 'Play your part for a better Internet'.  Many activities took place throughout the school, including an Internet Safety talk for our P7's,  interactive workshops, and a competition to design an Internet Safety Avatar!  We had great fun exploring the importance of Internet Safety!  Below are some of our prize winners from the day.  Well done!


BBC Radio School Choir of the Year Regional Heat

On Monday 8th February, the Senior Choir had a fabulous morning at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum competing in the BBC Radio School Choir of the Year Regional Heats.  What an inspiring location to sing! 

KS2 panto time!  Brilliant work by every pupil in KS2

P1 - P4 A Christmas Celebration 

Have a look at the photos above of the P1-P4 Christmas Celebration.  Primary 1 performed their annual nativity and all pupils looked and sounded fabulous.  P2-P4 held their bi-annual Carol Service entitled 'An Unexpected Christmas.'  Their angelic singing raised the roof and each and every pupil gave us food for thought as we approach this season of giving.  Well done everyone!

School Orchestra @ The Snowman performance

On Saturday 5th December, the school orchestra went to the Waterfront Hall, Belfast.  There they were able to experience a professional orchestra live in performance.  Pupils and teachers alike enjoyed an interactive concert with the Ulster Orchestra providing a live performance of The Snowman soundtrack whilst the animation played on the big screen.  Elsa, Anna and Santa himself even made an appearance during the concert.  Learning the 'Penguin Song' was one of the highlights.  Thank you to the parents who transported our pupils to this event at such a busy time of year, it was greatly appreciated.


Sustrans NEON Day

The last day of school before the half term break saw the first of our Sustrans Safe Travel to School events - NEON Day.  As you can see, everyone got into the spirit of the day - there were even some neon mummies and daddies dropping pupils off to school that morning.

Harvest 2015

On Friday 9th October we held our annual Harvest Assembly in which pupils from every year group participated in song, prayers, poems and bringing gifts to the Harvest table.  Afterwards, baskets of fruit and flowers were distributed to local senior citizens by Primary 5 pupils and the tinned items were donated to a local charity, Storehouse.  Thank you sincerely to all pupils and parents who contributed to our Harvest thankgiving celebration this year.

European Languages Day


We celebrated European Languages Day with a special assembly organised by Mrs Robinson on Friday 25th September.  As a school we used this opportunity to showcase all of the world languages represented by pupils in our school community.  Thank you to Mrs Robinson and to all the pupils who participated and to the fabulous senoritas and matadors in Primary 2 for their colourful displays!