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Have Your Say!

Dear Parents/ Guardians,


As a school we value your opinion on a whole variety of topics. This is a 'Have Your Say' page where Mrs Miller will ask you for your feedback in order to help inform some of the decisions she makes about Carrickfergis Mosel Primary School.


The current area where she would appreciate some feedback is our school uniform. 


Please read all the information below, supplied by Mrs Miller, and then cast your vote in the poll below.


Thank you!

Thank you for giving your time to the issue below, we appreciate your contribution! 

POLL ONE - Red Polo Shirts for boys in the Summer Term

The girls in our school are allowed to wear summer dresses in the summer term. Some people feel that this is unfair to the boys as classrooms are very warm. So, would you as parents like boys to wear a red polo shirt, strictly for the summer term? The polo shirts would all have to be purchased from school to ensure that each boy had the same shade of red / logo etc. In September, all children would be expected to be in shirts and ties again. So, red polo shirts for boys in the summer term or not?

Red Polo Shirts